Our Level 5 (minimum) arborist will consult with you on the health matters of your trees and address any safety concerns. If we find an abnormality we can also provide solutions to the problem.


As a leading plant health care provider our comprehensive arborist reports cover:
– Garden pest and disease identification.
– Pest and disease control.
– Treatments for trees in poor health
– Soil improvement / soil conditioning
– Tree and garden feeding
– Elm leaf beetle control
– Sooty mould control


The Green Connection will happily come to you if you are in need of assistance with your trees or plants on your property.

We provide tree inspections and tree reports in and around the Melbourne region, Knox, and the Yarra Ranges.


Our arborists understand the importance that maintaining the trees on your property holds.

We provide organisations with tree safety audits and tree management plans to mitigate OHS risks as well as annual management plans to allow for budgeting and planning.

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If you are experiencing a problem with the vegetation on your property in the suburbs of Melbourne or the Yarra Ranges please don’t hesitate to get in touch to arrange an inspection and professional consultation.